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Citing sources properly is essential to avoiding plagiarism in your writing. Not citing sources properly could imply that the ideas, information, and phrasing you are using are your own, when they actually originated with another author. How Do I Cite Sources? - Plagiarism.org In the following sections, we will take you step-by-step through some general guidelines for citing sources. Identifying Sources in the Body of Your Paper. The first time you cite a source, it is almost always a good idea to mention its author(s), title, and genre (book, article, or web page, etc.). How to Cite Other Sources in Your Paper - abacus.bates.edu

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The paraphrase should have the same tone and style as the rest of your paper. Use Turnitin Check: If your course uses Turnitin.com and your professor allows you to upload and look at your own papers, this is a wonderful way to see if your paper has too many words that are the same as your source. How to cite in an essay: what MLA and APA are How to cite a quote in an essay. According to MLA, you when citing a quote you should omit quotation marks, start it with the new line, use double spacing and include the citation after the punctuation ends. And in APA you should just include the last name of the author, the year and also the page number. Paraphrasing and Quoting: Bulleted and Numbered Lists

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Citing Sources Properly - Using Evidence - Academic Guides at ... Citing sources properly is essential to avoiding plagiarism in your writing. ... Make sure your paper is more than a collection of ideas from your sources; it should ... How to Write Guide: How to Cite Other Papers in Your Paper

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Citing Sources in a Research Paper 29 Aug 2005 ... In research and writing, a citation is a brief reference to a source of ... are not always correct--they may contain erroneous information, making it ... Citing sources - Using English for Academic Purposes The main way to do this is to cite authors that agree with the points you are making. ... Your paper should be a synthesis of information from sources, expressed in your own words, not a collection of quotations. .... X correctly argues that . FREE APA Citation Generator & Format | Cite This For Me If you are working on a paper in the APA style, you know that formatting APA ... Correctly citing your sources validates the statements and conclusions you make  ... Referencing and avoiding plagiarism

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Michael Abernethy teaches us how to incorporate sources into a paper in this tutorial. When you begin to write your sources in your paper, you need to first find out what you need to cite in the paper. Find out where you have used sources and make sure you give credit to the source it came from.

Citing sources during college will help get you in the habit of acknowledging and properly citing the work of others. NOTE : In any academic writing, you are required to identify for your reader which ideas, facts, theories, concepts, etc., are yours and which are derived from the research and thoughts of others.